Bikram Class 3

Class was better today. By no means was easy and I still got light headed, but I didn’t get intensely light headed. Just light headed in general. I understood when to stop and focus on breathing so that I could recover and get back into my practice. I liked some of the advice the instructor offered:

*Keep your head up and looking forward when you rest, if you look down you will get more dizzy.

*Learn precision of the poses first (even if that means you can only do a variation of the pose) or you are doing your self a disservice. This way you can get it right.

I feel like other instructors said that earlier on but it wasn’t until this class that I was able to take it in.

She also explained more about the benfits of some of the poses, which poses help circulation, your heart, your lungs and thyroid (I have thyroid problems).

Unfortunately though she didn’t open the door which would have made my experience almost 50% better. She also called me out in front of everyone for resting. She asked me how many classes I had been to. I said three motioning with my fingers because I had no breath to talk. “Oh! three!? That’s very good then.” Whatever lady. Way to call me out. I was surprised by that.

I will go again on Wednesday and Thursday bumping up my classes an extra day from last week.

I also had a really hard time meditating today. I couldn’t fully relax in my savasana. The lavender towel didn’t feel as good and I got up and left right away and didn’t feel particularly chipper when I got home. I will chalk that up to it being a rainy Monday. Tomorrow is a new day!

This looks inspiring. They played it at my Bikram Studio for movie night last Friday.

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