Bikram Class 2

Class two was NOT any easier. Okay, maybe it was 5% better but likely only because I knew what to expect. I also made sure to place my yoga mat closer to the door so I could get some normal air when the instructor opens it mid way through class to regulate the room temp. Also I could see outside and not feel so claustrophobic.

I was able to participate maybe just A LITTLE bit more. I asked a girl on the way out if it was normal that I thought I might die during class still and she said yes and it gets better but that she had been doing it for 5 months and still feels that way a bit. I can’t help but wonder what brings people back then? Then again, I can already feel an addiction forming. The “it hurts so good” type of craving. Feeling phenomenal and healthy after class for the next day or two helps as well. I may go on Sunday. Depends on how my Saturday night is.

I need to do some weight training in conjunction to the classes. While I see where it stretches and works the muscles in the arms and legs it doesn’t do much for abs (one of my target areas).

I could clear my mind/meditate easier this time … that was nice. I think I will stick with it. OH! Also, the skin on my face was very red this morning. It feels smoother but I looked like I was having some kind of a reaction, but then I heard in this video it’s good for your skin. I was a bit worried about all that sweat on my face for 90 minutes. Guess I am just clearing my pores.

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