John Butler Trio in Concert at Rams Head Live

I bought concert tickets this morning! I haven’t bought tickets for a show in a long time, but these are special. They went on sale at 10am. I signed on at 9:30 am and waited. I’ve had a soft spot in my heart for JBT for about three years now. I’m not even sure how I stumbled across them but I know it was “What you want” that got me hooked.

They usually are in Australia or touring Europe. Apparently they came to the Wolftrap in June and I missed it. Sucks. You can chill on a blanket outside there and listen, and it’s SUPER close. We are going to have to drive to Baltimore for this show and it’s on a Sunday night. It will be worth it though.

The day before they are opening for DMB at Madison Square Garden. I’m happy for them, but don’t want to hear their songs on the radio if you know what I mean. I like that they aren’t mainstream.

So many of Johns songs are about his wife and daughter. It’s just so sweet. So many songs helped me through hard times or just made me feel good in general. I can’t wait to see them…

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