Charlie Chaplin Time Traveler

This new internet phenomenon makes me want to read the Time Travelers Wife all over again. Maybe I am naive but I believe it. The toothache explanation is just dumb. She is clearly a time traveler. Read this, watch the clip and then go ahead and google it more. I couldn’t find a thing to change my mind.

“While watching the DVD extras for The Circus, an Irish filmmaker has spotted a woman who appears to be using a mobile phone, fifty years before their invention. George Clarke, who is based in Belfast, uploaded the clip to YouTube where it has since received more than 1.5 million views.

The footage shows the cinema that is premiering The Circus; a woman walks past holding her left hand to the side of her face while moving her lips. The original clip lasts a matter of seconds but has been looped and slowed down to such an extent that the online version lasts for several minutes.

Others are not so sure and explanations range from the woman holding a block of ice to take away the pain of a dental appointment, to the clip itself being a fake – detractors point out that fade transitions had not been developed in the 1920s.” –

UPDATE: My tall man just ruined the intrigue.  Apparently this is what it is.

ANOTHER UPDATE: I disagree and still think it’s a time traveler. She is alone, why would she be talking into a hearing aid. No one is talking to her or listening.

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  1. tsunami7er posted on October 30, 2010 at 1:24 pm (#)

    I too like to believe she’s a time traveler, well anything is possible right? but it does makes sense if she’s holding on to a hearing aid, think about it, she just bought it and decided to test it. so she talked to herself to see if she could really hear herself taking with the hearing aid, and it worked! so she chuckled. besides time travelling would messed up prophecies.

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