Chocolate Covered Orange Peel

Chocolate covered orange peel is one of my moms favorites candies. I think of her every time I walk by Godiva and pop in quickly to see if they have any (they usually don’t, people prefer chocolate covered strawberries. Weird).When they do I savor the little gold bag filled with orangy goodness like it’s the last on earth. I try to eat just one and put it away, but it’s usually gone within an hour. I can’t believe I pulled off making these fabulous treats on my own.

*2 oranges *Chocolate (milk or dark) candy melts *1 cup sugar *1 cup water

1. Score 2 oranges, making sure there is no fruit left on the peel, and slice them into thin clean strips.

2. Blanch (soak) the orange peel strips in boiling water for a couple minutes and remove them. Dry them off and blanch them one more time. (This removes the bitterness, in retrospect I enjoy a little bit of the bitter taste and would only blanch them once)

3. Simmer them in a simple syrup for one hour. 1 cup water, 1 cup sugar. Caution: Keep your eye on them. Seriously. They sugar can burn quickly.

4. Let them sit on a drying wrack for a few hours. I even put mine outside in the cold to harden a bit.

5. Melt your chocolate and dip the ends or the whole peel. Refrigerate and enjoy!

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  1. Leslie posted on April 3, 2014 at 4:39 pm (#)

    My grandmother made citrus candies from the rinds of oranges and grapefruit. I loved them, so when I came across this recipe I was so excited, now I can try ‘candying’ the citrus. With and without the chocolate. Thank you for posting this.

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