Pulled Pork Dog with Lemon Pickled Onions

Typically, I don’t eat onions. The aftertaste stays in my mouth forever and it takes days to get that musty smell off my hands. Gross.  But …

I found out last night that pickling onions makes them bright, zesty, a pretty color pink and totally worth the lingering aftertaste. I  mean,  I was actually eating them out of the jar.

This tasty hot dog is my spin on the classic pulled pork and coleslaw hot dog. I think these pickled onions would be awesome on a burger too.

So what do you think I should do when Hot Dog Friday is over? These posts have really forced me to think outside the box and reinvent classics and I want to keep it up. 

I chose hot dogs because they are a summer staple (that I crave), but there is a playfulness to hot dogs too.

What is a playful Fall classic? I was thinking maybe Caramel Apples. What do you think?

Shopping List
All beef hot dogs
Hot dog buns
BBQ pulled pork (awesome recipe from Eat, Live, Run here)
1 Red onion
1 Cup white vinegar
1 Lemon
Red pepper flakes
1/3 Cup sugar

 Lemon Pickled Onions: Slice your  red onion into thin strips using a mandolin. Rinse onion with water and pat dry.

Place your onions in a large bowl and zest your lemon on top. Then squeeze all of the juice from the lemon into the bowl as well.

Pour in your cup of white vinegar and sugar. Mix the onions with your hands coating them evenly. Squeeze the juices into the onions.

Sprinkle on about 1/2 a teaspoon of red pepper flakes. Pour them in a jar with a lid or cover your bowl and refrigerate for about an hour. Drain the remaining juices.

Keep refrigerated.

Top your hot dog with your pulled pork and then your onions and enjoy.

24 Responses to “Pulled Pork Dog with Lemon Pickled Onions”

  1. Elies_Lie posted on August 19, 2011 at 2:54 pm (#)

    Ohh! That pickle onion looks adorable!
    I bet the taste even more!
    Tq for sharing the recipe Michelle! 😉

  2. Free Spirit Eater posted on August 19, 2011 at 2:54 pm (#)

    I LOVE lemon pickled onions, it used to be the only way I ate onions on my salad as a kid, I always dumped a lot of lemon and salt on the salad itself afterwards. Thanks for sharing, great photos! I am stopping by your raspberry stuffed cake pops next. =]

  3. Curt posted on August 19, 2011 at 2:55 pm (#)

    That sounds great. But I can unashamedly say I love raw onions and probably overdo at times.

    Good thing my wife loves me!

  4. Michelle O posted on August 19, 2011 at 2:57 pm (#)

    Haha Curt you’re funny. I was actually going to write in the post that I didn’t get that many kisses last night, but it’s not true…my man loves me and kisses me even with onion breath too 🙂

  5. Liz posted on August 19, 2011 at 3:25 pm (#)

    I usually don’t like onions at all, but this post makes me want to try them pickled!! 🙂

    What about chili Fridays? You can make different types of make recipes that use chili 🙂

  6. KEcker posted on August 19, 2011 at 3:52 pm (#)

    Yum, those onions look delectable :o) So does the whole hot dog!

  7. Michelle posted on August 19, 2011 at 5:05 pm (#)

    This looks great!

  8. Erin posted on August 19, 2011 at 7:14 pm (#)

    Pulled pork on a hot dog, sounds amazing! Never tried pickled onions before, they are a pretty color that is for sure!

  9. Stephers posted on August 19, 2011 at 7:23 pm (#)

    Now THIS is a hot dog! Never would have though to put pulled pork on a hot dog!

  10. Dzoli posted on August 19, 2011 at 9:26 pm (#)

    I ma please you find the way to like oninons.There are some varietioes taht taste really sweet and generally red onions are sweeter than brown ones;)

  11. Curry and Comfort posted on August 19, 2011 at 10:24 pm (#)

    My sister doesn’t like raw onions either. Pickling onions are a great idea. These hot dogs look yummy! : )

  12. Kelly @ Eat Yourself Skinny posted on August 20, 2011 at 1:04 am (#)

    Never thought I’d say this, but that is a very pretty hot dog! Haha looks delicious too! 🙂

  13. savoryandsavage posted on August 20, 2011 at 5:23 pm (#)

    Those onions almost look too pretty to eat!

    Makes a great looking hotdog, tho 🙂

  14. Diethood.com posted on August 20, 2011 at 7:32 pm (#)

    That is one pretty hot dog 🙂 The onions are gorgeous!

  15. Kim Bee posted on August 20, 2011 at 10:40 pm (#)

    A pretty in pink hot dog? I am so in! Great job Michelle!

  16. Ann posted on August 21, 2011 at 1:29 am (#)

    I was thinking of you and your hotdog fridays…I’m going to miss this series! I like the idea of caramel apples, but maybe instead…just apples? I’d enjoy seeing a few savory dishes with apples, too!

  17. Sandra posted on August 21, 2011 at 4:17 am (#)

    Creative!!! I love it Michelle! Congrats on top 9!

  18. Valerie posted on August 21, 2011 at 10:35 am (#)

    That looks really good!! Love the colors and the lighting in your photo.

  19. Amanda posted on August 21, 2011 at 7:10 pm (#)

    Yum, hot dogs. I don’t even know the last time I had one! I just found your blog on FoodBuzz, as I’m trying to venture more into the food blogging community…I’m also in DC! I can’t wait to read more posts.

  20. Kim Bee posted on August 22, 2011 at 3:36 am (#)

    Congrats on top 9 my dear!

  21. Parsley Sage posted on August 22, 2011 at 3:58 pm (#)

    I didn’t know pickled onion was so cuto! I love this series and while I’ll hate to see it wrap up, I think the caramel apple idea is AWESOME!

  22. Kita posted on August 22, 2011 at 8:39 pm (#)

    I only discovered pickled onions this summer as well. I do enjoy a untouched onion but these are great in things or as toppings. I am going to be sad to see Hot Dog Friday go as they are my secret indulgence. >.> Not sure what could top it!

  23. Amanda posted on August 23, 2011 at 7:29 pm (#)

    I’ve enjoyed the Hot Dog Fridays, and, being from the South, I suggest you venture into “foods that go on sticks”. It’s fair season around here, and it’s always a favorite to eat our way down the midway, searching for interesting foods on sticks. My favorite is the classic – chicken on a stick, complete with dill pickle slides, onions, and potatoes. mmmm!

  24. liz boss posted on August 30, 2011 at 12:35 am (#)

    I love the “foods that go on sticks” and what about cupcakes? There are a thousand things you can do with cupcakes and they’re so photogenic. Savory cupcakes are epic, too!

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