Baby Update: Weeks 29 and 30

I started feeling extra, extra large this week. Just in time for moving day. I might not have a recipe post this week while my kitchen is still in boxes but I will post some pics of the new house soon!

Total weight gain: I’m guessing 30 plus lbs. I will know more Thursday at my next appointment. I really hope they do a growth scan soon. I want to know how big this little guy is already!

How I’m feeling: I’m starting to feel really, really pregnant. When I try to get out of the car or my bed it’s a slow process. In bed I have to kind of rock my self forward in order to get up. During the move I tried really hard not to do too much but I felt incredibly guilty. I still packed up boxes and made some trips to my car with clothes and things that were light enough. I still felt like I ran a marathon at the end of the night though. My hip flexors were really sore and so were my feet.

Most Major Issues: Still can’t feel my fingers on my right hand. Heartburn is still bad. Even with taking Unisom I haven’t been sleeping through the night. At the end of the night lately my whole body just starts to hurt, I get restless legs and pains in my shoulders and arms. RIBS ARE KILLING ME.

P.S. The blood work from the 3 hour glucose test came back negative. Phew. Also they said I had a slightly enlarged liver and spleen and they made me do a liver function blood test. So far no word back so that must mean I am okay. 

Maternity clothes: At work I live in short cotton or sweater dresses with leggings under them and flats. At home I am in maternity yoga pants all. day. long.

Stretch marks: Not yet — fingers crossed.

Sleep: I love sleep, I wish I could get some.

Exercise: The stairs in our new house are taking some getting used to — that’s about it these days and it feels like a lot. Heck, putting my pants on feels like exercise.

Best moment this week:
These few weeks have been busy but have had a lot of great moments.  We bought a lovely house, we really made it happen! Every time we put together a new piece of furniture or finish unpacking a room is a great moment. Another great moment was realizing my commute (knock on wood) isn’t TERRIBLE. It’s taken an hour, the same amount of time it was taking me from an area closer to Washington DC.

Movement: He moves a lot lately. So much so that when I realize an hour has gone by and I haven’t felt him I get nervous. Did anyone else do that?

Food cravings:
I can’t eat as much lately. If I do I feel sick. I have resorted to smaller meals more often.

Belly Button in or out? It’s not out yet but it’s looking really strange.

Wedding rings on or off?
Still off. I think I could get them on but I don’t want to chance getting them stuck!

6 Responses to “Baby Update: Weeks 29 and 30”

  1. Katherine - Real Food Runner posted on March 26, 2013 at 2:38 pm (#)

    How you’re feeling better soon!

  2. JMB posted on March 26, 2013 at 2:55 pm (#)

    I think everyone worries when they don’t feel the baby move for a while, especially with the first babe. You’re so lucky about no stretch marks! With my first baby I was, well, I was young and dumb, and didn’t keep up with lotion/oils and now I have horrible stretch marks…he’s almost 13 now. But it’s okay! He’s an awesome kid and I followed up the first round of stretch marks with a girl and she’s awesome too. 🙂

  3. Amanda posted on March 26, 2013 at 3:04 pm (#)

    Moving at the end…we did too. I felt guilty, but happy all at the same time. Any little thing I did thought felt like I moved the whole house myself!

    My stretch marks came at my due date 🙁 Hopefully not for you.

    Maternity yoga pants ARE. the. best!

    Rocking outta bed, have to laugh because its so true!

    Sounds like you’re in the home stretch!!!

  4. Liz posted on March 26, 2013 at 3:10 pm (#)

    I am so happy about your house!! Is that where your shower is going to be? I arranged it so that I will actually be able to make it!!!! 🙂 SOOOOO excited!


  5. Kim Bee posted on March 27, 2013 at 1:22 am (#)

    I feel like I haven’t checked in for so long. You are doing well. Pregnancy is hard on the body, takes so much out of you. Shea butter can help with stretch marks, and I swear a friend loved coconut oil. I have them, I always joke my skin turned into a road map. But I was on bed rest and gained way too much weight.

    Look forward to meeting the little guy.

    Congrats on the move too! xx

  6. Sean Marie posted on March 28, 2013 at 5:38 am (#)

    I remember trying to count kicks. It was kinda depressing and stressful, because I freak out about everything and the only time Natalie was particularly active was when I was lying down. I cannot believe you don’t have stretch marks, that’s another depressing part about being pregnant. I know by 30 weeks I was looking like a tiger mauled my stomach and it just kept getting worse. Even when the doctor at one of my appointment used the doppler thingy on me looked at me and said, “You’ll never be able to wear a bikini again.” Kinda rude and hurtful, but THAT’S how bad they were. Anyway, enough about me, I am so stoked that there are only ten more weeks for you to go. TEN weeks! Aahh! So much to do before he gets here! Really looking forward to seeing you soon. 🙂

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