Austin Dean 9 Months (Playing Catch Up)

It’s been awhile since I’ve devoted a whole post to my sweet little man. I can’t believe in just two and a half months he will be one year old.

Words: Austin says “da-da” in several different tones and speeds. He does a steady da-da and or a fast dadadada. He’s been making a few other noises lately and it’s always when we are talking to him about hot dogs. I could swear he is trying to say hot dog. If hot dog comes before mama I might be sad. Typical boy.

Playtime: Over the past few weeks he has gotten soooooo active. Of course he likes to play with all the things we don’t want him to touch. My pretty shuttered door TV stand, the dog bowls and the curtains are his favorites.

He always tries to play with the outlets (they have covers on them). We say “Austin NO” in a firm tone. The crazy thing is that he laughs when do this. Not at Nick but just at me. Apparently I’m not scary at all.

We just taught him to give us a high five and he thinks it’s hilarious. He also really likes it if you startle him. I would feel bad doing it if it didn’t make him laugh so hard. He loves it!

Lately we cannot get him to lay still for a diaper change or to get dressed. He is rolling all over the place. Not good when you have a certain type of diaper to change.

He is a drool machine and loves running around the kitchen in his walker. He crashes in to everything, giggles and then runs away.

Food: He loves hot dogs, little crunchies, chicken and turkey. He really likes savory things. I am trying let him try all different types of foods.

I cannot get him to understand how to use his sippy cup. He just chews on the top. But he does love taking assisted sips of water out of a water bottle.

I wish I could start to give him more real food and less baby food but he still only has those bottom two teeth. Also his tracheomalacia is still in full swing so I am always afraid he has a harder time swallowing.

Sleep: I think we are all still a little sleepy. For the past two months we were doing two naps a day, one around 10:00am and the other around 3:00pm. Usually about an hour each. Lately though he doesn’t not want to nap at all. He fights it and then is super cranky. We are getting better about putting him down even when he is awake.

Night time is a whole new story. We were doing okay for awhile. Bedtime is anywhere between 7:15 and 8:00pm. He would sleep until around midnight and then cry for just about 15 minutes or so until he realized there was no bottle coming. Then he would go right back to sleep until 3:00 or 4:00am. He got a bottle and a diaper change then and we would all go back to bed about 20 mins later.

This past week though it feels like we have started all over again (sleep training month 6). He has been waking up every 2 hours and will not go back to sleep until I bring him in bed with us. This is cozy and cuddly sometimes but last night I didn’t sleep a wink because he wiggles around so much. He also wants to wrap his arms around my neck while he sleeps. Super cute yes, comfortable all night no.

(This picture could be a picture of me when I was a baby. It’s funny because some people say he looks just like Nick and others say he looks just like me.)

So that’s it … this is where we are right now. I am really looking forward to pool days this summer and his first birthday party (and cake!). We are also looking into back packs for hiking with Austin.

I used to really love sharing my pregnancy updates with you. I am going to try and get better about my Austin posts.

Jello shot post coming up this week! Stand by.

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  1. AlishaHB posted on March 17, 2014 at 9:54 pm (#)

    My oldest couldn’t get sippy cups either so I just skipped them. She learned very quickly how to be careful with a cup of water, now I just have to get the twins to figure that one out……

    • Michelle C. replied on March 20th, 2014 at 7:59 pm

      I tried to see if he could handle a cup of water. Haha. Not happening just yet. I will give it a try again soon 🙂

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