Birthday Cake Diet?

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This summers vacation in the Outer Banks is coming up fast.  I’m feeling a lot of pressure this year to look good on the beach. This will be the first time since I’ve had Austin that I will be in a bathing suit.

Last year Austin was with us and he was only one month old! I’ve lost about 40 lbs since then so that’s great, but  I would still like to lose a few more.

My clean eating diet hasn’t been going that well (sad face). Clean meals means a lot of meal prep and cooking. With a full time career, a beautiful son that I love spending time with, a book deal and a blog … I don’t have a lot of extra time.

So when Slimfast reached out to me I decided I should give their 14-Day Slimdown a try. I can throw a shake or a bar in my bag and go. Carrot sticks in a bag as a snack? Easy.

Six pounds in 14 days if I stick with the plan. That’s perfect.

The plan: Swap two meals daily with a Slimfast Protein shake or meal bar. I’m thinking breakfast and lunch. The third meal (dinner probably) must be 500 calories.

In between meals, I can have three 100-calorie snacks. As long I you consume under 1200 calories each day, and do 30 minutes of light to medium exercise (my morning runs) I’ve got this in the bag.

The most important part of this whole deal is that these bars are actually really good. Kind of tastes like a cake pop. Really… I’m not just saying that for the blog. It’s going to be like having cake pops for lunch.

There is one dilemma.

We know I like to have a glass of wine (usually mascato mixed with mango juice) after Austin goes to sleep and it’s time to unwind.

I will probably have to run an extra 15 minutes or so to work in an extra 100 calories a day but I came up with an alternative to my sweet and fruity wine fix.

This champagne and watermelon cooler is only 100 calories. Recipe posted tomorrow!

UPDATE: Recipe here

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