Life Lately: One Pot Pasta and Hydrangeas

If you follow me on instagram you know I made this last week. We looooooooved it. I wasn’t sure if it would taste like much of anything but it was soooooo good. See how many o’s I am typing? That means really, really good.  Try it.

The night I made it we were saying “one-pot-pasta” to Austin to see if he could say it. He kept saying “pot-pot-poppa” instead.  We say it all the time now just because it’s fun to hear him try.

I also made this and I can’t stop telling people about it.

We have hydrangeas! Nick tore up the boring shrubs that were there and surprised me with pink hydrangeas! I’ve been talking about them forever. Are they a bush or a tree? Are they going to get too big for this space? Whatever they are I can’t wait for them to bloom so I can have big fragrant vases of them all over the house.


I made two trays of enchiladas for Darcie and her family. I knew she wouldn’t be feeling well and I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think of ways I can help. I figured freezer meals were good for right now. The first round of chemo didn’t work … there is more info here and a picture of how gorgeous Darc looks with a shaved head.

So strong and brave and loving but still so feminine.

I feel conflicted every time I get emotional about this (which is often lately) because she is being so strong, I certainly should too.  Everyone says “we all know someone who has had cancer touch their lives”, until now it hadn’t ever felt so close.

The enchiladas are from this website. They are so quick and simple but the best enchiladas I’ve ever had.


We went to October Fest in the town center. Poor buddy was too little (only by 2 inches) to ride most of the rides, even the little kid ones. He could only ride the carousel.

Also, Austin has croup. He had a coughing/breathing episode last night (so scary) and we ended up in the ER. He is okay now.  Nick and I are running on three hours of sleep (Nick was already sick on top of that).

We will make it though. I might need this chocolate banana spread and some moscato to make it happen.

I found this at World Market. I can’t stop looking at this picture and wishing that I bought it. Gaaaaaaaaaaa. I almost went back 24 hours later. I still might. Has anyone tried it?


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  1. Jennifer posted on April 2, 2015 at 2:14 am (#)

    I made your one-pot-pasta and it ROCKED!  I thought it would be bland but it was so good and even better the next day.  It was perfect for lent.  Thank you!!!

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