Life Lately: Eat, Don’t sleep, Repeat.

So Austin refused to nap this weekend. Check out his sweet Play-doh creation and his cute little stubborn pout.

Austin playdoh

I would put him in his room on his crib mattress (his new toddler bed didn’t arrive until last night) and he just wasn’t having it. He would get right up and start playing and asking for his “Spida-meh”. His teachers say he is napping at school so if it happens again this weekend we are planing to be strong and shut the door and trust that he will be okay in there and hopefully go to sleep on his own.

This child just doesn’t want to sleep anymore. Unless I am with him holding him the whole time and as good as that feels, momma has to get some things done!

Like food prep for the week.

unnamed (2)

This week I made beef stir fry seasoned with Flavor God seasoning and sesame seeds (about 300 calories each, here are some similar recipes). I constantly see posts about this stuff on Instagram so I had to try it for myself.  The idea is that if your healthy food is seasoned well enough it will be more satisfying and you won’t crave junk.

I also made chicken tenders that I have been eating with honey mustard (mustard is a super low calorie dipping option) and Greek chickpea salad from my new favorite SkinnyTaste cookbook. If you are trying to drop pounds for summer you won’t regret getting this cookbook.

Chickpea salad

Anywhere between 4-5pm I have a protein packed snack. Before I did the 24 day challenge I was getting home around 6:45pm and I was STARVING and really tired from my work day and long commute home. I would make Austin his dinner and eat bites of his hot dog or grilled cheese or goldfish and just keep snacking until I brought him up for his bath. Then I would still eat dinner with Nick later. No bueno.

But now, with the energy from my 4pm Spark, and then some turkey roll ups and cheese (dipped in mustard of course!) I’m not ravenous or tired when I got home. It’s made a huge difference in my diet and how I feel.

I like to put some cottage cheese in there too that that I can eat mid afternoon if I get the urge for another snickty snack. More protein.


It’s funny because I actually feel like I am eating a lot, yet the lbs. keep falling off. Once you figure out what keeps you full and how much of it you can eat (I use a calorie counting app to help calculate) it all starts to make so much more sense.

Yesterday I got to run outside and it was AMAZING. Not much green going on right now but I don’t care one bit. Treadmill miles are brutal. I could have run for hours outside after being cooped up for so long.


I also worked on the book a little this weekend. I had to redo some of my older photos. I added rainbow gummies instead of green ones to the Shamrock jello shots and they are so darn cute. Here is the old post for my Shamrock Jello Shots in case anyone is going to a partay this weekend and looking for ideas.

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3 Responses to “Life Lately: Eat, Don’t sleep, Repeat.”

  1. Kelli+H+(made+in+sonoma) posted on March 10, 2015 at 4:02 pm (#)

    I ran outside yesterday, too for the first time and it felt amazing. I was dreading the time change but now I’m actually diggin’ it!

  2. Erin posted on March 12, 2015 at 8:06 pm (#)

    Love that you’re posting again and really loving these Life Lately posts 🙂 The mix of family stuff with what you’ve been doing and the snack and food ideas makes for a great post 🙂

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