Life Lately: Where have I been?!

So I promised myself I would blog right after Valentines Day. Obviously that date flew by.


We painted this love tree with our thumbs and made banana pops. We also went to Darcie’s birthday party (she is in remission right now by the way! <3 )

IMG_3403 (1)

Then I said for sure I would post about my birthday. My mom came to visit and watch Austin so we could go on a date to my favorite restaurant.


But then it snowed and we  had to cancel our plans and order pizza and stay in our pajamas instead. Actually it won’t stop snowing. Please stop snowing.

If you follow my Instagram feed (a great place to keep up) you know I’ve been dieting and exercising more.

More is in an understatement. I post my meals and work outs almost daily. Keeps me accountable! (To whom I don’t know but … I feel like YOU ARE WATCHING! 🙂 )


I’ve been running a lot to burn calories and fat (about 2 miles, 5 days a week) and lifting weights. I’ve lost 10 lbs! I weigh close to what I did when Nick and I got married, but I am actually a little more toned then even then. That’s just crazy right?

So, let me start by saying that I am not trying to sell you anything. It’s really not in my nature and I have too many jobs to start another one, but I did the Advocare 24 day Challenge and it changed my life. All you mamas out there looking for a little more energy so you can make it to the gym (and maybe even blow dry your hair and do your make up after!) Check out some of their products. I’m in love with Spark and Catalyst!

I can’t believe I am one of those people with all these supplements and calculating protein intake all the time. But hey … I can’t wait for tank top season.


My blogging dilemma has been that I have been taking my blog post time (Austin’s nap) and doing our meal prep for the week. I think I might just photograph those meals and share them with you? What do you think of that?

Healthy weekday meals instead of boozy, high calorie treats for awhile? Woomp, woomp.


So Austin climbed out of the crib the other night. It’s been a bit of a roller coaster since then. Not that he has ever been a good sleeper but this is a whole new ballgame.

Last night at 11pm I heard a sweet and scared sounding “Mama, Mama, Mama”. He was standing in the middle of his room in the dark and looked so sad. I should have put him back in his bed but I couldn’t do it. I picked him up and brought him in with me and we slept like angels the rest of the night.

I am weak.

His pirate ship bed comes next week. I will have to be stronger then.


Something tells me there is a lot more Starbucks and Spark in my future.  More posts coming soon. I won’t be a stranger for this long again. Thanks for being nice while I took my bloggy break!

P.S. Speaking of Starbucks. Check out my new swag.


3 Responses to “Life Lately: Where have I been?!”

  1. Kelli+H+(made+in+sonoma) posted on March 4, 2015 at 11:03 pm (#)

    Yay! Happy to see a post from you! I think you should blog about whatever you want! Congrats on the weight loss! That must feel amazing.

  2. Michelle Mensinger posted on June 30, 2015 at 6:27 pm (#)

    HI! Michelle, I am a mom of 4. My oldest is 27 and youngest is 13, and in the middle there are twins of 22 (today!). I read your comment, “I have to be stronger”, and thought… I remember! Maybe because today it’s th4e twins birthdays.  You see…there was a time, I never thought I would make it as a mom. My oldest. Shy, wonderful, and now 27 who is independent and a lot more outgoing. You see…she outgrew it. Which brings me to the  — she will never stop crying all night! 
    I would like you to watch this: 
    WE LIVED IT!  It was nuts. I would hold my breath while I set her into the crib & tried to get out of the room.  Of course this was after I read to her in the rocking chair, rocked her to sleep, and then slowly held my breath until I stopped rocking only to stand up (still holding my breath) and walked over to the crib (while holding my breath) and set her into the crib ever so gently, then removing my arm underneath her to ever so quietly walk out of the room, closing the door as I held the knob, to take one step away from her room to hear her SCREAM bloody murder.  
    I did go into her room to comfort her and thought…I need to be stronger … 

    What a wonderful time it was.  Today she needs me very little as I raised a woman to be strong and good.  

    Enjoy your time Michelle with your Austin. “THEY” are right, it goes so quickly…just the nights are forever!
    P.s. This 4th of July – jello shots! (because my kid cried all night as a baby)…it’s only been 27 years! 

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