Life Lately: Pirate Ship Beds and Stuff

Behold matey! The infamous pirate ship bed.

He talks about it at school all day long. He loves it. Too bad he won’t sleep through the night or nap in it. Do you think it’s because it looks like a giant toy? Maybe he is thinking “it can’t possibly be nap time, it’s PIRATE PLAY TIME”.

Sigh. I slept on the floor again last night next to the ship. We are making very little progress.


I don’t know why I am showing you this. I should be embarrassed but for some reason I find it amusing. Do you see that squished goldfish to the lower left? Yep.


This my friends is a mint chocolate brownie meal replacement shake blended with ice and it’s heavenly. Like a Wendy’s frosty with crushed up thin mints. Mmmmmm.


Meal prep this week is tzatziki chicken salad for lunches (with balsamic roasted Brussels sprouts) and tacos for dinner.


I use about 4oz. of lean ground beef and then put them in lettuce wraps with mozzarella cheese (it’s lower fat), olives, Greek yogurt instead of sour cream, and salsa or hot sauce. It makes about three tacos and it’s under 400 calories and totally delicious.


I am also OBSESSED with this Skinny Girl Lime and Salt popcorn. I went back to buy another box and THEY WERE GONE ALREADY. Jeesh. Also I just started reading this new book. I want to read more, I miss it a lot.  The thing is, reading makes me so tired lately. I can watch TV forever but I start reading and 15 minutes later I’m ready to call it a night.

I’m old.


Speaking of old, doesn’t he look like such a big boy here. Those eyes, that skin, his forever bed head! I love him so much. He watches this strange Russian fire truck video over and over on Youtube. “Halp, halp, mo fire truck”.  He claps and smiles when they save the baby. I can’t believe he was ever this small.

I am getting a yearning for a recipe post. Maybe this weekend …

Austin Dean 2015 March

3 Responses to “Life Lately: Pirate Ship Beds and Stuff”

  1. twd posted on March 20, 2015 at 4:26 pm (#)

    OMG! My son (2 1/2 now but been doing this for almost a year now) LOVES those Russian videos. He loves the excavator one. Too funny!

    • Michelle replied on March 23rd, 2015 at 5:37 pm

      That’s so funny! Isn’t it amazing that they know things like what an EXCAVATOR is!? Amazing little people 🙂 

  2. Anthony J DeCarlo posted on April 12, 2015 at 4:45 pm (#)

    Its great belle going to be a must have, if your thirsty

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