5 Fun (and Easy) Toddler Pancakes

If you follow me on instagram you may have seen my weekend pancake creations. I really love making these for Austin. He gets so excited. I think what I love most about making fun pancakes for him is that he thinks they are awesome no matter what they look like.

So my bunny pancake looked more like a cow? Who cares? He doesn’t. He loves it just the same, maybe even more.  I’ve done so many of them that I thought I should put together a quick and easy post.

Get down with your inner pancake artists momma. Here are 5 easy pancakes to start with:

1. Dinosaur (brachiosaurus) Pancakes

This one was pretty easy. Make one large round pancake, cut it in half for the body. Make a tiny pancake (literally a half teaspoon of batter) for the head. Make a teaspoon sized batter drop for the feet and then cut it in half. The neck and tail … Use a spoon and make some long drizzles. Pick the best one! (Sing this while you make it, it’s Austin’s favorite)


2. PJ Masks Catboy Pancake 

Okay, this one was definitely my most complicated, but only because I used food coloring and blue frosting.  Make an oval shaped pancake for his head (with the blue food coloring added). Make a smaller pancake you can use to cut out triangles for the ears. I made a smaller batch of batter without the blue food coloring for the mouth and nose. This was a small silver dollar sized pancake and I cut off the top quarter. The nose is a small half teaspoon sized drop of batter. The eyes are bananas and chocolate chips. The blue frosting for the eyes and eyebrows ended up a little sloppy but it works.


3. Rudolf Pancake for Christmas! 

This one is my favorite! I tried to make Rudolf cookies and they were such a fail, I think that’s why I was so happy when these came out so cute! The head is a large oval and a smaller circle for the snout. Cut long triangles for the ears and use bacon for the antlers. Marshmallows or bananas for the eyes with M&M’s or chocolate chips. And of course, a strawberry for his red nose.


4. Bunny Pancake for Easter 

This one is probably my least favorite creation but Austin loved it just the same. I need to perfect my bunny. I think next time I might try and make a circle head with two separate long oval ears rather than trying to make it in one piece like I did here. Chocolate syrup was used for the mouth and whiskers and ears. Blueberries for the eyes.


5. Little Piggy Pancake

This one is so, so easy. I used a heart shaped cookie cutter to make the ears and nose on this basic round pancake. Two little dots of strawberry syrup on the heart nose and boom, it’s a piggy snout. Blueberry eyes and some chocolate pieces on the ears (Austin LOVES chocolate and a little bit anywhere will make him finish most of the meal #win)


TIP: I use Kodiak Cakes protein pancake mix for all of my pancakes. Anyway I can get Austin to get in some extra protein that’s not a cheese stick or hotdog (is there even protein in hotdogs?) is awesome. No one paid me to say that, it’s just truth.

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