Happy Friday Things

It’s almost the weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekend. Who is going to a fall festival?


Awesome kiddo crafts, exercise motivation, healthy treats and family warm fuzzies. Steph and I have kids the exact same age and I adore her.


If you haven’t started listening to the Girlboss podcast you MUST. There are so many episodes I love but here is a good one from Whitney Wolfe, founder of Tinder and CEO of Bumble. (Starts at 14:30)


This is me. 100% (P.S. Has anyone else read Brene Brown‘s books or watched this? Let me know what you think)


bananafrosterI have never heard of a “Banana FROSTER” but Bananas Foster is my favorite dessert and I think I’m in love. Jello shot version anyone?


Yep, this is real life. Hallerbos forest in Belgium. (And 50 of the most beautiful places in Europe)

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