Hershey Park after Christmas

After Christmas, in an attempt to get out of the house after multiple days of the kids home from school, we packed up the car and headed to Hershey Park.

It was just as wonderful as I remembered it from my childhood trips.

Fresh fudge and chocolate bars in every shape and size around every corner. Elves popped popcorn and spun cotton candy.

Austin rode dragons and helicopters and the adult scrambler. We waited in a long line for the cocoa cruiser kids coaster three times and each time was worth it.

We rode a real steam powered train around the park. We had giant s’mores and hot cocoa with whipped cream

We saw Santa’s reindeer and asked multiple times where Rudolf was.


We rode the ferriswheel and saw the sunset from up high, bright orange and pink. We made multiple trips to the heated bathrooms (that smelled like chocolate!?) for diaper changes and potty breaks.

We covered Lilly’s little hands with socks so they stayed on tight and warm. She was a good sport. That face! Those cheeks!

When the sun set the colder air really settled in so we walked briskly to our last destination, the chocolate world ride.

The line was long. We did “pick me up” and “put me down” and “don’t touch that” and “don’t put that in your mouth” for almost an hour but stayed happy.

All four of us squished together in one car while thesmooth ride coasted forward.

Chocolate milk cows sang. Big vats of chocolate were stirred. Cocoa beans were roaster. Giant hershey kisses danced.

After the ride we bundled back up and headed to our hotel all smiles.

We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn instead of one of the Hershey hotels and I couldn’t recommend it more.

Clean and modern. Room service picnic dinner. Burgers and grilled cheese with tomato soup. The kiddos passed out quick from a day full of fun.

I rented Bridget Jones Baby and watched while Austin slept nuzzled in my shoulder and Lilly snored in her pack n’ play.

I love hotels. One family. One room. No responsibilities. Just time spent with each other extra close.

When we woke up it had snowed. Austin marveled at the powder white view out the window and played with the hotel phone pretending he was at a dentists office. “Hello, do you have cavities?”

We had a quick breakfast by a fireplace (make to order omlets!) in the lobby and hit the road.

Best overnight trip ever. I think we’ve found a new Christmas tradition.


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