Life Lately: Great Wolf Lodge, Williamsburg VA

Two massive stoic wolves plank the grand entrance of this whimsical lodge. Playful upside down umbrellas hang from the ceiling swaying ever so slightly. A giant rustic antler chandelier floats above.

There are speedy, laughing children running around everywhere and it’s awesome.


What’s better? The smell of donuts and coffee wafting in the lobby. There is a Dunkin Donuts right there. Iced coffee all the time, helping you to keep up with those speedy little people.


We arrived on 4th of July so we got American flag wolf ears. We kept ours on at all times. Lodge rules we told Austin.

“I’ll race you to our room. Ready, set, go.” We flew by families (who I apologized to as we almost knocked them down) and they smiled right back at us. They weren’t annoyed. You know why? Because this is a place where kids can be kids.

Run, jump, sing. Get out those wiggles.

We shot dinosaurs and won bouncy balls. We ate grab machine candy. We played Magi Quest. Correction, Nick played Magi Quest with Austin, because real life dungeons and dragons isn’t really my thing, but they loved it.

Austin made his very own stuffed red dragon, stuffed exactly to his squeezability preference.


We ate many buffet dinners around a magical tree house that lit up with the wave of a wand.

We ate gooey cake brownies that glistened and tacos and pizza and pretzels. Kid food at it’s best.

We bought “wolfies” and gave hugs. We even slept in a little which was amazing since we all shared one room.

Yes, there was a waterpark. Yes, the kids loved it. There were also pina coladas, mom liked that.

There were pajama dance parties and bubble wands and story time with singing trees and forrest animals. Austin and I had a lunch date while Nick and Lilly napped. We met a nice waitress who showed us a picture of her giant pet turtle.

If I was a kid dreaming up a magical forest vacation this would be it.


Austin wants to go back for his “five birthday and bring nana.”

I’m all in.

Great Wolf Lodge
Williamsburg, Virginia
Eat: All the online reviews say the food situation is bad. I can’t speak for all of the resorts but ours was great. I had a bbq chicken salad for lunch at the “Loose Moose Bar and Grill” with an angry orchard cider and it was delish. Dinners were buffet style and they always had a taco bar. That’s a win in my book. There was tons of kids food too. We had late night (8pm) pizza one night from the smaller more casual style restaurant because Austin was still hungry and it was good. There was a snack bar in the waterpark that had soft pretzels and fresh fruit with yogurt dip. I really can’t complain. Okay, here is my one complaint. It was a bit pricey when all is said and done but it was worth it for the convenience with two small children and it tasted good.

Drink: I ordered multiple pina-coladas from the snack bar in the water park. They hit the spot and kept mama happy.

Sleep: We skipped the themed room this time. Austin still comes in our bed around 2am every night so it made no sense to get a pricey “wolf den” that he wouldn’t stay in. We brought our pack and play for Lilly to sleep in. There was a little wall divider that sectioned off the couch in the room and the bed. It was perfect since she goes to sleep a little earlier than Austin.

Play: Everywhere. There is just so much to do. Lilly (just one year old) loved the outdoor baby waterslide and the dance parties and bubble wands. Austin (four years old) was just jaw dropped all the time and having a blast. This place is made for playing. Can’t go wrong. I thought my littles might be too young but it was great.

Kiss: Yeah so, this place isn’t really all about getting romantic BUT I was surprised to see that you can get a cheese and wine plate delivered to your room! I was all about that until I got stuffed with tacos at the buffet. There was one thing I missed though. Nick and I like to order a movie when the kids go to sleep and they weren’t any pay movie options.

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