Family Friendly Tacos and Beer

Nick and I are always on a mission to find affordable things we can do with the kids that are fun for everyone.

We found out not too long ago that for some reason breweries are actually really kid friendly. At least the ones in Loundoun County, Virginia are.

Some even have games and toys and special areas set aside for kids. Crooked Run Brewery, in Sterling, Virginiais for sure one of those very kid friendly spots and it’s super close to us.

Last weekend they had a pineapple, lemon IPA that I had to try. Pair that with tacos from Senor Ramon’s and you’ve got yourself a happy mom.

A beer for Nick and a beer for me, three dollar tacos, and packing a lunch for the kids makes this trip affordable too.

When you walk in on the right is the taqueria and straight ahead is the bar and the micro brewery is behind that.

We have been coming here for about a year now and it gets busier and busier. We showed up at 11:30 on the dot on Saturday and by the time it was noon there was a line out the door.

As it warms up there are seats outside as well. The setting outside the brewery is pretty industrial looking but that’s fairly common with many of the micro-breweries in the area.

Crooked Run Brewery and Senor Ramons Taqueria
Sterling, VA

Eat: All of the tacos are good. The green sauce is our favorite. Lilly drinks it. She really does. We have to keep the sauce cups out of site or she melts down. My favorite is the TS 478. I have no idea what that means but it’s a crispy shrimp taco with a poblano cream. Bomb.
Drink: The Raspberry Empress is my fav but I like fruity beers and sours. The beer isn’t our favorite in comparison to other local breweries. We come back for the taco and beer combo. We are still trying new brews though! Im open to having my mind changed because we like this place and the vibe so much.
Play:Games and toys are to the left by the couches when you come in. There will be lots of families there during the day with kids and iPads. No judgement. Bring your kids. Eat tacos. Everyone has a good time.

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  917. reinstall office 2018 os x posted on April 21, 2019 at 3:16 pm (#)

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