Chocolate Fudge and Raspberry Pudding Shots and a $50 Giveaway

I need to apologize for my one track mind.

Ever since I’ve discovered that adding pie filling to pudding shots is DELICIOUS, I can’t stop coming up with new flavor combos.


Pumpkin Cranberry Cheesecake Pudding Shots

My Food Network magazine this month has a recipe for a pumpkin cranberry cheesecake.  As soon as I saw it …

Ding. Light-bulb.

Pumpkin Cranberry Cheesecake Pudding Shots

Smooth and rich pumpkin pie mix.

Topped with tart and sweet whole cranberry sauce.

Topped with boozy cheesecake pudding.

I didn’t think I could make these any better but yep, they are that good.

Life Lately: My New Desk and Austin at 17 Months

Isn’t it lovely?

I’ve been wanting to update my desk for awhile but couldn’t find exactly what I wanted. The X shaped legs were a must but I couldn’t find it large enough in white. Also my desk is in a little nook in our kitchen which has a country feel to it. All the white desks I found were too contemporary.

But Nick saved the day. He found this one and painted it. He also spoiled me with a new huge white monitor and wireless keyboard, mouse and speaker.  It’s hard not to want to sit here all day because I love it so much!

All I need now is a pop of pink or coral.  I was thinking some flowers behind the framed photo.


Check out my “before” work space below.

Easy Cranberry Party Punch

We don’t get to socialize with other adults that often. Welcome to life with a toddler (without parents that live near by to babysit). So when Ericka text messaged me last weekend asking if her and her husband Rick could come over and hang out I got so excited.

I immediately decided I was going to make a special girly and seasonal cocktail for us.

Easy Cranberry Punch 2

The trick to all the flavor in this punch is the simmered cranberries. Which sounds pretty fancy even though it’s super easy. Extra points.

Pumpkin on Fire Pudding Shots

You know that warm and tingly feeling you get through your body after you take a shot? (Especially a Fireball shot!)

And you know that sweet yet spicy, comforting taste that pumpkin anything has? Well mix both of those together and top it with whipped cream and you get Pumpkin on Fire pudding shots!

Pumpkin on Fire Pudding Shot

These pudding shots are super easy (like all of my shots) and your friends will eat them all. Right away!