Easy Cranberry Party Punch

We don’t get to socialize with other adults that often. Welcome to life with a toddler (without parents that live near by to babysit). So when Ericka text messaged me last weekend asking if her and her husband Rick could come over and hang out I got so excited.

I immediately decided I was going to make a special girly and seasonal cocktail for us.

Easy Cranberry Punch 2

The trick to all the flavor in this punch is the simmered cranberries. Which sounds pretty fancy even though it’s super easy. Extra points.

Pumpkin on Fire Pudding Shots

You know that warm and tingly feeling you get through your body after you take a shot? (Especially a Fireball shot!)

And you know that sweet yet spicy, comforting taste that pumpkin anything has? Well mix both of those together and top it with whipped cream and you get Pumpkin on Fire pudding shots!

Pumpkin on Fire Pudding Shot

These pudding shots are super easy (like all of my shots) and your friends will eat them all. Right away!

Boozy Rainbow Jello Pinwheels

How cool are these?

I’ve seen them floating around Pinterest and always wondered “do you think I could put booze in those?”

Well guess what? You can!

Boozy Rainbow Jello Pinwheels

Caramel Apple Milky Way Pudding Shots

Just five days until Halloween! Who is stealing all of their kids caramel apple Milky Way after they go trick or treating to make these?

I saw caramel apple blondies made with Milky Way last week and couldn’t stop drooling. I mean look at those things!  I knew right away I wanted to make something with them too.  I’m not the best baker but I make a mean pudding shot!


I realize these look a little bit like my pumpkin pie cheesecake pudding shots, but I swear that’s caramel on the bottom. I used  vanilla pudding and mixed in caramel sauce and caramel vodka.

The apple slices for scooping is almost the best part. Which is weird since there is caramel and candy bars and booze!

Life Lately: One Pot Pasta and Hydrangeas

If you follow me on instagram you know I made this last week. We looooooooved it. I wasn’t sure if it would taste like much of anything but it was soooooo good. See how many o’s I am typing? That means really, really good.  Try it.

The night I made it we were saying “one-pot-pasta” to Austin to see if he could say it. He kept saying “pot-pot-poppa” instead.  We say it all the time now just because it’s fun to hear him try.

I also made this and I can’t stop telling people about it.