Pumpkin Pie Sangria

We have really been getting our “fall” on lately.

We made a fall bucket list the other night and one of the items was to make a fall sangria. When I was at the store getting my ingredients it hit me … don’t do apple …

Pumpkin pie sangria!

I wasn’t sure what would happen to the pumpkin pie filling when I mixed it in but it didn’t separate at all, it mixed up smooth and added the perfect amount of semi-savory spice to the sweet moscato.

Then I added some butter flavored maple syrup and OMG, seriously addicting. (Recipe further down)

We also made a fall activity tree this weekend (I saw the idea on one of my favorite blogs Steph’s Bite by Bite, check her out). It was fun for Austin to stick the leaves on the tree and I feel like will hold us accountable with our list.

Pumpkin Cheesecake Pudding Shots

Admittedly, pumpkin spice isn’t my favorite flavor. I don’t get as jazzed up about pumpkin spice lattes as most women I know.

I do however love, love, love pumpkin pie.

When I was little my mom used to put wrapped up slices of pumpkin pie in my lunch box when it was in season. I didn’t even use a fork, I would just hold the pie and take a bite.

I love it super cold with a dollop of cool whip. I think it’s the thick chewy texture that I like so much.

These pudding shots are my childhood favorite all grown up!

We’ve been back almost a week now from our first trip to Marco Island, Florida. Nick and I haven’t been on a real vacation (one that requires a hotel stay or a flight) since after we got engaged.

I had some anxiety about flying with Austin but he did better than I thought he would. We had plenty of cartoons ready to go on our iPad and he even napped during our layover in Charlotte on the way there. I had a bloody mary on the way there and on the way back. That helped too 🙂

I did some research to find the right vacation for us this year. We needed a trip that wasn’t too kid based since Austin probably won’t remember anything but also something not too adult oriented either.

Marco Island on the Gulf coast on the Southern tip of Florida was perfect. We stayed at the Hilton. It was off season so it was pretty quiet which was exactly what I needed.

There weren’t any lines at any of the restaurants and there were always chairs at the pool. It was calm. We made a promise ahead of time that we would not rush anything.

We are constantly rushing. Wake up, rush to work, super hectic busy days, rush home for dinner, play a little bit and feed Austin and then rush through making his lunch and our dinner so I might be able to enjoy an hour of so of free time before we rinse and repeat.

This vacation couldn’t have come at a better time. We so, so, so desperately needed a break.

Washington Redskins Jello Shots for Darcie

I did it again.

We are a Dallas Cowboys household and here I go making jello shots for our arch-rivals, The Washington Redskins.

But I wanted to make these for our good friend Darcie. Her and her family are HUGE Redskins fans.

We give them a lot of flack, they give us a lot of flack. Text messages are shot back and forth teasing between our husbands. Bets are made and won or lost, jerseys are stolen. It’s all in good fun.

It’s just what we do.

Apple Butter Sparklers

I’ve been putting apple butter on my toast in the morning to feel a little more fall-ish. You know what’s even more fun that apple butter on toast?

Apple butter in champagne.

I saw this cocktail recipe while I was reading Southern Living at the hair salon a few weeks ago. I had foils all over my head (still not ready to let go of the summer blonde) and was obsessing over all of their autumn ideas.

This one was the first on my list to try.