Caramel Apple Pie Moonshine Jelly Shots

Another new recipe on Tablespoon! Finally found the perfect place to use the moonshine we picked up in the Smokey Mountains. Check it out here.


Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte Pudding Shots

I’ve been meaning to post these since PSL season started. They are SO EASY I can barely stand it.

Did you know Starbucks is making instant pumpkin spice lattes? Yep. So smart. They come in these cute little packets and they are perfect for making boozy party treats. (Or just drinking on your own back deck of course!) 


Since my PSL jello shots have been such a hit I knew I had to make a pudding shot version too.

Football Field Jelly Shots

Wasn’t sure this one was going to be possible but I think it came out well! Head on over to Tablespoon for the step by step recipe.


Sushi Jelly Shots

Boozy thai coconut milk, fruit roll ups and gummy fish. Doesn’t get much better than that. (Did I ever mention how I can’t eat just one fruit roll up? I heart Fruit by the Foot.)

Check out the easy recipe on Tablespoon! Happy almost Friday friends.


Life Lately: Weeks 15, 16 and 17

Gah! I was not that great at making sure I got these done every week when I was pregnant with Austin. I should have known it would be harder to write updates when I am also chasing around a toddler on top of a full time job. Better late than never though right?

How I’m Feeling

I feel good! But that is relative to how I was feeling for most of June and all of July which was terrible. The worst of my symptoms lately has been heartburn. I have to take Zantac as soon as I wake up and then again around dinner time. Otherwise it burns, oh it burns and it makes me feel nauseous again too.

I probably get up from my desk at work to pee every 20 mins. So that sucks but it’s not a huge deal.

This week in particular (week 17) I have been totally out of breath. Just talking to people at work makes me winded. I also got a little virus. I don’t know what it was but I had a fever on Monday and it was getting a little too close to 101 so I called my doctor. They had me take some tylenol cold and flu and rest. I was actually better by the next day. Phew.

But pretty much right now I feel good.


What I’m Eating