Spicy Bloody Mary Jelly Shots (in Real Tomatoes)

I made these for Tablespoon a few weeks ago. How cool are they? A boozy, spicy tomato. I have a similar shot in my book as well but I use little bite sized campari tomatoes.

Head on over and check out the easy recipe.


Raspberry and Sparkling Peach Sangria and Jello Shots!

I saw Halloween candy at the grocery store yesterday… (straight face)

Don’t get me wrong, I love fall, but it’s not time yet!

It’s still time to savor peaches and raspberries and summer sangria on the back deck.


I still need to take in more tiki torches, fireflies, and the smell of sunblock on Austin’s baby soft skin.

Life Lately: Relief at 14 weeks

I’ve so been looking forward to these posts! For two months I’ve been dying to tell you guys what’s going on and hated that I couldn’t. Here it goes…

How I am feeling:

I’m finally feeling better! The sickness stuck around almost the whole 14 weeks of my first trimester. It was bad this time you guys. I felt great up until about 6.5 weeks and then boom. One morning I woke up and everything was different. It was so bad, I couldn’t imagine actually going to work and talking to people. Throwing up everyday, usually at least twice. I had a terrible taste in my mouth at all times. I also noticed some serious depression settle in for a few weeks. It’s passed but it makes me nervous about some of my postpartum issues from last time.

On a good note, I am not upset with my weight gain so far. With Austin I gained a whooping 12 lbs during my first trimester. Despite this AMAZING hot dog and cheese fries at a baseball game last week, I still have only gained about 5 lbs. Not too bad. At my last appointment I was only at 2 lbs weight gain and my doctor actually asked me to snack more. Now that my appetite is back I don’t think we are going to have problem with that!


What I’m eating:

S’mores Frappuccino Jello Shots

Yasssssss. I mean how perfectly delicious looking are these? They came out just how I wanted them too. Which like never happens anymore.

While I was suffering from fatigue and morning sickness I lost all of my creativity. It was one disastrous blog post after another. So eventually I just gave up and took a break.

But now I feel better and guess what …. my mojo is back!


Life Lately: Big (HUGE) News and Friendsday Night with IZZE

Were you on to me?

I thought for sure with my massive intake of fresh fruit and carbs, lack of workout posts on Instagram and new wardrobe consisting only of flowy blouses, that everyone knew what was going on.

It’s been craziness around here you guys. New position at work. Book will be in stores this week. Super hormonal and nauseated all. day. long. But we are so happy and so excited!

Okay so here’s the story. The plan was to start trying in April. This way I could be preggers for 9 months, take my maternity leave and make it back to work in time for the 2016 presidential election. Yes really. Everything revolves around politics when you work in DC.