Sushi Jelly Shots

Boozy thai coconut milk, fruit roll ups and gummy fish. Doesn’t get much better than that. (Did I ever mention how I can’t eat just one fruit roll up? I heart Fruit by the Foot.)

Check out the easy recipe on Tablespoon! Happy almost Friday friends.


Life Lately: Weeks 15, 16 and 17

Gah! I was not that great at making sure I got these done every week when I was pregnant with Austin. I should have known it would be harder to write updates when I am also chasing around a toddler on top of a full time job. Better late than never though right?

How I’m Feeling

I feel good! But that is relative to how I was feeling for most of June and all of July which was terrible. The worst of my symptoms lately has been heartburn. I have to take Zantac as soon as I wake up and then again around dinner time. Otherwise it burns, oh it burns and it makes me feel nauseous again too.

I probably get up from my desk at work to pee every 20 mins. So that sucks but it’s not a huge deal.

This week in particular (week 17) I have been totally out of breath. Just talking to people at work makes me winded. I also got a little virus. I don’t know what it was but I had a fever on Monday and it was getting a little too close to 101 so I called my doctor. They had me take some tylenol cold and flu and rest. I was actually better by the next day. Phew.

But pretty much right now I feel good.


What I’m Eating

Spicy Bloody Mary Jelly Shots (in Real Tomatoes)

I made these for Tablespoon a few weeks ago. How cool are they? A boozy, spicy tomato. I have a similar shot in my book as well but I use little bite sized campari tomatoes.

Head on over and check out the easy recipe.


Raspberry and Sparkling Peach Sangria and Jello Shots!

I saw Halloween candy at the grocery store yesterday… (straight face)

Don’t get me wrong, I love fall, but it’s not time yet!

It’s still time to savor peaches and raspberries and summer sangria on the back deck.


I still need to take in more tiki torches, fireflies, and the smell of sunblock on Austin’s baby soft skin.

Life Lately: Relief at 14 weeks

I’ve so been looking forward to these posts! For two months I’ve been dying to tell you guys what’s going on and hated that I couldn’t. Here it goes…

How I am feeling:

I’m finally feeling better! The sickness stuck around almost the whole 14 weeks of my first trimester. It was bad this time you guys. I felt great up until about 6.5 weeks and then boom. One morning I woke up and everything was different. It was so bad, I couldn’t imagine actually going to work and talking to people. Throwing up everyday, usually at least twice. I had a terrible taste in my mouth at all times. I also noticed some serious depression settle in for a few weeks. It’s passed but it makes me nervous about some of my postpartum issues from last time.

On a good note, I am not upset with my weight gain so far. With Austin I gained a whooping 12 lbs during my first trimester. Despite this AMAZING hot dog and cheese fries at a baseball game last week, I still have only gained about 5 lbs. Not too bad. At my last appointment I was only at 2 lbs weight gain and my doctor actually asked me to snack more. Now that my appetite is back I don’t think we are going to have problem with that!


What I’m eating: