Life Lately: Smoky Mountain Mini Vacation

Dewy morning mountain trees and cool cold mountain air.

Hoodies, songs, and toddler chatter as we tracked our way up.


Waterfall views and fruit snacks.  (Don’t drop any for the bears!) 

Life Lately: Hello San Diego

I was asked last minute to speak on a panel at a conference in San Diego last week. As you can tell, it was terrible. (Kidding obviously)

I had never been to Southern California so I was really excited. We stayed at The Grand Del Mar. I think it’s safe to say if it wasn’t for my job I would never have the opportunity to stay at this luxury hotel. “Luxury” is just not a category we consider when booking a trip.


Jelly Shots: A Rainbow of 70 Boozy Recipes IS COMING SOON!

It’s almost here! I feel like I have been talking about this FOR-EV-ER. Soon I will actually be able to hold it in my hands.

You are going to FLIP OUT when you see what’s in side this little book.

final cover

NEW JELLO SHOTS! I tried to think of every food trend I possibly could and turn it into a jello shot. Nutella, birthday cake, peaches and cream. The ideas just kept coming. The chapters are organized by holidays and there is something for every occasion!

I can’t wait to show you more but for now here is the cover. Jelly Shots is available for pre-order RIGHT NOW where-ever books are sold. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target you name it. BUY ONE FOR ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS AND THEN PARTY WITH THEM ALL SUMMER 🙂

Official release date is set for July 6th. Stand by for giveaways and some special sneak peeks.

Love you guys, thank you for all of your support over the years, without your interest in my adorable little boozy treats none of this would be happening.

Let me know if you have any questions about the book. More coming soon …


Tulip Jello Shots

Since spring doesn’t want to arrive in the DC area anytime soon, I thought I would take matters into my own hands and get this party started.

Are these not the prettiest (girliest) jello shots you have ever seen?


After I saw the grass candy Twizzlers at Target and mini cookie cutters at Michael’s I knew these would be so easy to pull off.

Life Lately: Pirate Ship Beds and Stuff

Behold matey! The infamous pirate ship bed.

He talks about it at school all day long. He loves it. Too bad he won’t sleep through the night or nap in it. Do you think it’s because it looks like a giant toy? Maybe he is thinking “it can’t possibly be nap time, it’s PIRATE PLAY TIME”.

Sigh. I slept on the floor again last night next to the ship. We are making very little progress.


I don’t know why I am showing you this. I should be embarrassed but for some reason I find it amusing. Do you see that squished goldfish to the lower left? Yep.