Feta Stuffed Campari Tomatoes

Campari tomatoes are my favorite. They are the least “grainy” of all tomatoes, juicy and a perfect size.  This dish is similar to something I’ve eating at Jackson’s.  They serve campari tomatoes stuffed with blue cheese as a side dish.  My version uses feta.

*10 Campari tomatoes *8 oz. Feta cheese *2 Tablespoons cream cheese *Dried parsley *1 Sprinkle garlic powder *1 Tablespoon olive oil

1. Pour feta cheese into a bowl, then work cream cheese into the feta with a fork, incorporating the cheeses thoroughly.  The cream cheese helps lighten the taste as well as bind the mixture.

2. Add two pinches or half a teaspoon of dried parsley and a sprinkle of garlic powder, mix with your fork again.

3. Add olive oil and mix thoroughly, too much olive oil will over power the flavor of the feta so be careful.  Less is more.  Place the mixture in the freezer to chill.

4. Slice the tops off your tomatoes and completely remove the inside meat and seeds of the tomato with a small spoon or melon baller. 

5. Take the cheese mixture from the freezer and fill each tomato using a spoon. Pack lightly. Add a sprinkle of parsley to the top of each and serve.

Strawberry and Avocado Salsa

I eat with my eyes. I love bright, and fresh foods that look as good as they taste. That’s why when I saw this simple recipe in my May issue of Cooking Light, I had to try it.

*2 teaspoons canola oil *1 1/2 cups peeled ripe avocado *1 cup chopped strawberries *2 tablespoons minced fresh cilantro *1 table spoon minced, and seeded, Hungarian wax pepper (or jalapeno which is a little hotter) *2 teaspoons fresh lime juice *season to taste with sea salt

I really liked how this salsa brought out the tart nature of the strawberry rather than the sweet. Served with cinnamon and sugar pita chips this was a perfect Spring day snack.

1. Dice your cilantro, and seeded wax pepper (I threw the pepper in the food processor to get it into a really fine chop).

2. Chop your strawberries into small bite sized pieces then do the same to the avocado. 
3. Mix the cilantro, strawberry, and peppers in a bowl with the canola oil and lime juice.

4. Gently add the avocado last so you don’t end up with a film of avocado mush on everything. Salt and serve.

The Cooking Light recipe included instructions to make your own cinnamon tortilla chips. Because I was in a hurry to use my avocados before they over ripened I bought these instead. They were so good we couldn’t stop eating them. I was instructed never to buy them again because we would devour them too quickly.

What I Love about Sunday

Sorry for the late post. Yesterday —  while writing — my computer crashed.  It seems I have a new follower whose blogger profile is a virus.  Thanks a lot.  (Don’t worry they have been removed)  Anyway, this Sunday went by fast and was full of set backs. [Deep Sigh] Aside from the technical disaster, the farmers market wasn’t open and I am still not feeling 100% healthy since my strep throat, but still, it was a beautiful day and I didn’t have to go to work…

1. It was the first time I wore my new Jess LC Diversey necklace and matching earrings.

I saw these a while ago and still had been thinking of them so finally I treated myself. P.S. I ordered the silver chain with the gold paisley by mistake and the customer service at Jess LC was amazing. Jess is super sweet and it was really easy to correct my order. Im not really a jewelry person but this collection is simple and classy. Love it.

2. Green leaves are blooming all over! Look at how pretty cherry blossom trees are even when the flowers fall off. It’s time to drag out summer clothes this week. It could get into the high 80’s by the end of the month in the DC area.


3. Salmon and cream-cheese with capers on French bread for breakfast. Yum! Breakfast is making a comeback. (I didn’t plan on posting the instructions or what to purchase to put this together but if enough people ask I will. It’s so simple!) Look for more breakfast posts soon, I will explain why later.


4. Nick went golfing with the guys this weekend and I was able to sit back with my extra thick People Style Watch Summer issue and totally zone out. I found a bunch of things to bookmark and come back to. I don’t know how to shop at malls anymore (except when I have to try on pants) and honestly I am 100% okay with that.


5. Last but not least, Nick bought plants! Two tomato plants, one cucumber and one basil. I am so excited! I don’t have a green thumb, but Nick does. Fresh caprese salad here I come!

Servathon 2011

Today we woke up at 7am (it’s Saturday) for “Servathon,” an effort to bring together young people in the DC area and give back to the community. It’s basically a morning of community service (8,000 youngsters this year) and then a bar crawl in the Dupont Circle area after.

In 2009 I cleaned a library in Chinatown. Last year we painted the map of the United States on a elementary school playground. This year we painted murals inside an elementary school. (I can’t take credit for this good habit, a very good friend has been a very good influence)

Last year, while I painted certain states pink, a tall, funny guy named Nick purposely picked pink paint too and followed me around the map until I gave him my phone number. The rest is history <3

Tomorrow I am headed to the farmers market down the road with my camera. I plan on getting some bright photos and fresh ingredients for a spring salsa!

Nick’s Deviled Eggs

Nick made these for me last night. I had five and then stopped myself. Deviled eggs are a common hors d’oeuvre in the summer and around the holidays, but sometimes, don’t you crave them for just the hell of it? (!!!pun!!!) We have been talking about making deviled eggs for days. I love that creamy, salty, soft, cold texture. Delicate and delish. Really simple recipe as well.

Simple and Light Deviled Eggs
8 large hard boiled eggs, cooled and peeled
4 tablespoons low fat mayonnaise (you really can’t taste the difference)
1 table spoon dijon mustard
Sprinkle of paprika on each
Sprinkle of chopped green onion or chive on each
salt and fresh pepper to taste

Boil your eggs in a large sauce pan for 25 minutes, when done pour into a strainer and refrigerate your eggs until they have completely cooled. Peel and halve. With a gentle squeeze the yolk should pop right out. Place yolks in a separate bowl. Mix with mayo and mustard until smooth then pipe into the eggs whites again. You can use a zip lock bag, just fill one corner and cut off the tip. Season with paprika, salt and pepper and chives. Chill and serve.

Good work my love. Notice the heart shaped green onion on the egg in the left corner? Total coincidence. Just like Jesus in a grilled cheese.