What I love about this Sunday

1. This photo of my love that I found while we went through old photographs at his parents house. (Not to mention that we also had homemade pho for dinner…if you haven’t had it, look it up and find the nearest restaurant asap)

2. Weeping Willow trees are my favorite. The ones in our apartment complex are just beginning to bloom and they are bright yellow and gorgeous in contrast to the blue sky right now.

3. Warmer weather means more play time outside for Honey, which means shes happier… Tired and happy Honey on a Sunday.

4. We have a new friend, we haven’t named him yet. Any ideas?

5. And if you live in DC you know what this means… Spring time baby. There are only a few cherry blossoms blooming in my apartment complex right now, but just you wait… a couple more weeks and they will be everywhere.

The Lobster Truck

One of the things I really miss about working in DC (I now work outside of the city closer to the airport) are the food trucks. There was a cupcake truck that I loved. I could follow them on twitter, find their next location, and go for a lunch break cupcake stroll.  There was a “Sauca” truck that parked outside my building every Wednesday that had the best spicy Mexican fish tacos and there even was talk of a “Marconi and Cheese” truck coming soon.

Now, I just read in my latest Bon Appetite magazine that there is a lobster truck in DC that serves one of the “Six Best Lobster Rolls Across the US.” As you can imagine, I am really disappointed that I can no longer venture out to try it myself…. (deep sigh). But, this post is for my friends who still work on Capitol Hill or in the business districts and can find out where this amazing “Red Hook Lobster Truck” is and try one for me. Apparently they get their lobster from Maine everyweek to serve it fresh to Washingtonians. 

As for me… now I have to find a lobster roll somewhere else in the area as soon as possible. Any one else craving one now too? Sorry. 

(Photo from www.redhooklobsterdc.com because I can’t get to the truck… sad face)

Orange Creamsicle Cupcakes

I’ve been so good about not making sweets… I even gave up candy for lent and haven’t cheated once! But today is my co-worker Brian’s birthday and I had to make an exception. They told me Brian really likes orange flavored things. Now, I have to give credit where credit is due… My adorable boyfriend suggested the creamsicle flavor. Good idea babe. 

These were really easy, and are surprisingly light.

*One box orange flavored cake (prepared as the box directs) *Two cups heavy whipping cream *1/2 cup powdered sugar *Two oranges for garnish (why not try candy orange slices instead?!)
Makes about two dozen cupcakes

After you prepare the cupcakes, whip the heavy cream until it becomes light and fluffy, slowly adding the powdered sugar while you mix until you get your desired sweetness. By using whipped cream instead of frosting you get the flavors of a creamsicle rather than orange cake. Slice orange quarters for garnish. (Keep them refrigerated before you serve them, the cream is delicate and will melt easily)

I love how fresh and bright they are! Now if only the sun would come out…

Step One: Apartment to Cute “Cottage” Make Over

Remember my “Little Cottage Living Room” post and the light green-ish room with the pink flowers we all fell in love with? I’ve completed step one (starting off small) in my living room make over, and actually learned a few lessons in the process. For the first part of the transformation I went to Michaels and bought bright pink silk flowers to add that pop of color I loved so much. I spent about $20.00 total.

*3 bunches of deep pink/magenta silk carnations (Be particular about the flower you choose. The perks of silk flowers are that they last forever but silk lilies can look cheap)
*One glass vase
*One bag of clear glossy glass “chunks” to hold the flowers in place

I trimmed the stems of the silk flowers and and poured enough glass into the vase to hold them steady. They had a gorgeous variety of  “glass chunks” and glass marbles. My first instinct was to pick up light blue glass to bring out the light blue and turquoise accents that were also in the room I am trying to duplicate, but then the cardinal rule of re-decorating came into my mind. Less is more. 

If you notice the pink flowers are the ONLY thing that is pink in the room we all liked so much. Be careful not to over “accent” your room with the colors you love. Stick with neutrals and just lightly accent.

Below is my work is progress.

(NEXT:  find olive green or brown damask print throw pillows to duplicate the patterned chairs, switch out a few lamps with something more antique looking. I need curtains and I may spray paint my black frames with an antique gold. I also have been dreaming of a faux sheep skin throw for our ottoman.)

A Different Kind of St. Patrick’s Day

Next year on St. Patty’s Day I hope I am drinking a Pina-Colada at 9am on a beach somewhere in Jamaica with my love. But this year, just to try something different, it’s healthy Green Smoothies.

*1 Banana *10 White grapes *1 Green apple *1 Kiwi *1/2 cup lemonade *1/2 cup whole leaf spinach
Blend ingredients for 30 seconds until smooth and drink immediately. I won’t lie, it’s not delicious but it’s not gross either. Drink it as fast as possible while thinking of your new purple bikini.