Family Friendly Tacos and Beer

Nick and I are always on a mission to find affordable things we can do with the kids that are fun for everyone.

We found out not too long ago that for some reason breweries are actually really kid friendly. At least the ones in Loundoun County, Virginia are.

Some even have games and toys and special areas set aside for kids. Crooked Run Brewery, in Sterling, Virginiais for sure one of those very kid friendly spots and it’s super close to us.

Last weekend they had a pineapple, lemon IPA that I had to try. Pair that with tacos from Senor Ramon’s and you’ve got yourself a happy mom.

A beer for Nick and a beer for me, three dollar tacos, and packing a lunch for the kids makes this trip affordable too.

Our Off Season Trip to Kalahari in the Poconos

To say I am delayed in this post wouldn’t even be right. This was from fall last year. Whoops. But this was such a fun trip I still wanted share it.

We have been traveling a little more with the kids lately and I want to write about it more. We are in this sweet spot where they are old enough to do stuff and we can ALL actually have fun. We also have been doing some fun local things that I want to share about as well.

But back to Kalahari.

We had planned a mid-September trip back to Marco Island, Florida, but Hurricane Irma forced us to cancel our trip.

We really couldn’t fly any where on the Gulf Coast and not be in Irma’s way. We thought about somewhere sunny on the West Coast but it would have been probably been twice as expensive. We heard good things about Kalahari in The Poconos, Pennsylvania and decided to go for it!

Life Lately: Great Wolf Lodge, Williamsburg VA

Two massive stoic wolves plank the grand entrance of this whimsical lodge. Playful upside down umbrellas hang from the ceiling swaying ever so slightly. A giant rustic antler chandelier floats above.

There are speedy, laughing children running around everywhere and it’s awesome.


What’s better? The smell of donuts and coffee wafting in the lobby. There is a Dunkin Donuts right there. Iced coffee all the time, helping you to keep up with those speedy little people.

The Post I’ve Been Wanting to Write for Too Long

I’ve been wrestling with what I’m about to write for a few years now. But this month for some reason I’ve found the clarity and courage to say what I’ve been feeling but unable to express.


It’s time for me to be open about the fact that I have outgrown a few major aspects of this blog. Perhaps it’s become really obvious to everyone else. I still have to write this down though.

Ever since I had Austin things started to feel a little different (I hear motherhood will do that).

Many of the posts I wrote became difficult to complete. They felt forced and I was less satisfied with the final results. I didn’t get that same feeling of creative release and accomplishment. It felt more like a chore.

I took breaks here and there, but I never really came back to my old groove.

The hardest part of the upkeep and forced writing were the Jell-O shot recipes. Which is most definitly why it was so difficult to stop or better yet …. change. This was the profitable part.

The book deal that came right after I had Austin. The exposure and adoration from well known publishers. It felt as if it was too late to give that up. I had responsibilities to be this “person.” To sell books. To be the brand.

But it’s painfully obvious that I’m just not this girl in this picture anymore with vodka soaked gummy bears in my hair.


Hershey Park after Christmas

After Christmas, in an attempt to get out of the house after multiple days of the kids home from school, we packed up the car and headed to Hershey Park.

It was just as wonderful as I remembered it from my childhood trips.

Fresh fudge and chocolate bars in every shape and size around every corner. Elves popped popcorn and spun cotton candy.

Austin rode dragons and helicopters and the adult scrambler. We waited in a long line for the cocoa cruiser kids coaster three times and each time was worth it.

We rode a real steam powered train around the park. We had giant s’mores and hot cocoa with whipped cream

We saw Santa’s reindeer and asked multiple times where Rudolf was.