The Dress that Got Away…

I first laid eyes on this Alice and Olivia dress almost a year ago during the “After the Final Rose” special on The Bachelor’s Gia. I wanted it badly but it was a bit out of my price range. Here we are several months later and it’s still on my mind. It took pink and sparkly from ditsy/tacky to girlie/classy in my mind. I have a new love for all that is pink or peach with a gold hint or sparkly hue. Should I have splurged?

All because of you

P.S. Here is an awesome blog for finding items you may have seen on your favorite shows. She has helped me find all my Bachelorette/Bachelor must haves.

Puppy Update

Our little Labrador Retriever mix “Honey” (we re-named her) will be ours on the morning of Dec. 18th. She will be 3 mos. old on Dec 29th. We will pick her up from a transport van in DC somewhere, she’s is traveling from a shelter in South Carolina with her brothers and sisters. (Who in the world wouldn’t want these puppies?) She will go straight from the van into our arms.

We passed our “home visit” on Sunday. Later while I was out with the girls Mr. Big went out and picked up her crate and some honey and oatmeal shampoo, plenty of toys, food, and a sparkly pink collar. We still have to fix some exposed wires in the apartment and figure out where to put her cute pink bowl! I love her already.

I can’t wait to take more photos when she gets here!
P.S. This is her brother Kirk. Isn’t he the cutest, cuddly-ist, teddy bear like puppy ever? I wish we could take him too. Lucky Dog rescue in DC., where we found Honey, is an amazing organization. This Christmas the Kane Show on Hot 99.5 is doing the “12 Strays of Christmas” from Lucky Dog rescue, more here.

“It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas”

Just a little peak at our Christmas tree and decorations this year. I got the gingham ribbon and silk poinsettias for the tree along with a glitter pen, three stockings and Rudolf & Clarice for under $25 dollars total today at Michaels. Crazy right? It was a mad house in there.

This is the first year I have been able to showcase my growing White House ornament collection. I have four, for the four years I have been in the DC area. My favorite is 2007 that depicts Grover Cleveland’s Christmas wedding at the White House. He was the only president to ever marry in the White House.

I’m off to Georgia for work for a few days and won’t be able to blog. Miss me.

She Might be Ours

Shiba Inu mix 2 months old

I never knew that adopting a puppy would be such a process. So many things have been counting against us. We live in an apartment, we don’t work from home, we haven’t previously owned a pet. If they only knew how much we will love this puppy! Cross your fingers, we find out hopefully on Saturday morning.

BIG PUPPY UPDATE: Right after lunch today a super nice woman called me at work to talk about another application for a puppy we submitted. While I adore the shiba inu mix, the agency that has her up for adoption has been less responsive to our application than this particular one. I would hate to be heart broken with no puppy so I had two we were applying for just in case. Apparently I passed the phone interview with flying colors and the baby yellow lab mix below has been promised to us as long as we pass the home inspection that should take place with in a week. We will see!!! I’m so excited!

Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix 2 months old

DIY: Coastal Christmas!

While I was in the Outer Banks for Thanksgiving we had plenty of time to comb the beach for good looking sea shells. I kept my eyes out for shells that would make pretty Christmas tree ornaments and that already had holes in the top for string. Tall man and I will have our first tree together this year and since we spent Thanksgiving on the beach I think a “Coastal Christmas” theme is fitting! 

We stopped at Michaels today and I picked up some thin decorative ribbon for the smaller shells and a thicker ribbon for the larger ones. (I choose red and gold as our tree colors this year.) I also picked up some antique gold spray paint for some of the shells. While I was spraying them I remembered some old decorative vases I had from my old apartment that don’t match anything in the new place (they are pink and turquoise). Spray paint is an easy way to spruce up old decorations. They are perfect for the bedroom now!

SeaShells from the SeaShore
I spray-painted on the back porch on top of old paper bags from the grocery store
Be-careful not to breath in the paint. Also it’s not necessary to spray directly over the shells, just mist them for a second or two.

P.S. After browsing around Michaels I will never again buy home decor from any other store. I found a fake ficus tree for our living room for $39.00. The ones I had my eye on at World Market or Pier One were over $100. They also have tons of silk flowers and vases that are perfect DIY projects!