The Great Pumpkin 5k

I finished this one in 29 minutes. For me personally this is my best time yet! I didn’t have to walk at all. This was my first run in Reston. I hope the town does more through out the season. Sometimes fall weather can be too hot but it was perfecto.

Goodbye Bikram

I have decided that Bikram is not for me. While I think it is awesome exercise, and I loved the idea that I was sweating out all of the toxins in my body (while clearing my skin as well) in the long run I don’t think that my body would ever adjust. My claustrophobia along with my already hot body temperature made the classes excruciating. I was always dizzy and nauseated even after two weeks of practicing (6 classes). Id have to only eat fresh, organic food and drink tons and tons of water and never EVER any alcohol and then MAYBE the classes would be less painful — but I’m not ready make that kind of a sacrifice. I don’t need to be that extreme.  This was hard for me because I don’t like failing or giving up but…while exercise is never easy or as fun as eating cake and candy, it shouldn’t be miserable either. If I am going to drop $150 a month I’d better like it a little.

I am going to try out another yoga place in the area. They still offer only hot yoga during the times I can go but it is not “Bikram.” The temp is closer to 90 degrees rather than 105-110, and it is Vinyasa or Flow yoga instead of the 26 postures of Bikram. I really missed the calming yoga music too. Maybe they will play some there.

I am in a particularly crappy mood today. It’s Monday and early on I had a banking transaction DISASTER that could ruin the rest of my month or if I’m lucky just ruin the rest of my week. Deep breaths. I am on an island far away with a tropical drink in hand, 10 lbs thinner and getting a golden tan.

Attempting Filipeno Food (Pancit)

Since Nick is half Filipeno he talks frequently about the food that is served at family dinners for holidays or special occasions. We went to a friends birthday party who is also Filipeno and for the first time I had some real home cooked Filipeno food. My favorite was the pancit and lumpia.

Last night I tried to make it on my own just for the hell of it. I knew it would be a long shot to capture the flavors that these women create after cooking the same dish for decades in their family.

I was right. My pancit didn’t taste nearly as good as theirs. It didn’t taste bad but when you are expecting steak and you get chicken — well you know what I mean. I used rice noodles (just from the international isle in Harris Teeter) soy sauce, chicken broth, salt and pepper, chicken, two cups shredded cabbage, one cup carrots, 3 cloves garlic, and half of an onion finely chopped.

Next time I will use the fish sauce and add in some pork. I will eat it again hopefully at a family function and get a better taste in my mouth for the precise ingredients.

* this image is not the pancit I made. It is from someone’s cooking blog that is much cooler than mine. I will try to get more detailed with recipes and images next time 

Bikram 4 and 5

I thought that class 4 was my Bikram breakthrough. I participated just about 99% of the class, and I didn’t feel like I was going to throw up or pass out. I was so excited. There was even maybe a little draft in the room 🙂 It was awesome. I left happy and refreshed.

Then there was class last night —  and just barely made it through. I didn’t leave because I knew the end game (meditation) would be all messed up if I did but man that class was tough. I was dizzy and EXHAUSTED. At one point I even wanted to cry!

It was during Salabhasana – Locust Pose that I thought I would cry. My hands just don’t want to turn the way they are supposed to in that one and and they hurt and it is the 17th pose and I was so tired. I didn’t give up though. 

I even had a dream last night about being locked in a hot room and not being able to get out. This class might be easier for me if I wasn’t so claustrophobic. The idea that I can’t leave messes with me.

Bikram Class 3

Class was better today. By no means was easy and I still got light headed, but I didn’t get intensely light headed. Just light headed in general. I understood when to stop and focus on breathing so that I could recover and get back into my practice. I liked some of the advice the instructor offered:

*Keep your head up and looking forward when you rest, if you look down you will get more dizzy.

*Learn precision of the poses first (even if that means you can only do a variation of the pose) or you are doing your self a disservice. This way you can get it right.

I feel like other instructors said that earlier on but it wasn’t until this class that I was able to take it in.

She also explained more about the benfits of some of the poses, which poses help circulation, your heart, your lungs and thyroid (I have thyroid problems).

Unfortunately though she didn’t open the door which would have made my experience almost 50% better. She also called me out in front of everyone for resting. She asked me how many classes I had been to. I said three motioning with my fingers because I had no breath to talk. “Oh! three!? That’s very good then.” Whatever lady. Way to call me out. I was surprised by that.

I will go again on Wednesday and Thursday bumping up my classes an extra day from last week.

I also had a really hard time meditating today. I couldn’t fully relax in my savasana. The lavender towel didn’t feel as good and I got up and left right away and didn’t feel particularly chipper when I got home. I will chalk that up to it being a rainy Monday. Tomorrow is a new day!

This looks inspiring. They played it at my Bikram Studio for movie night last Friday.